Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Facebook Option: Transforming a Personal Profile into a Business Page

I’m amazed at all of the many ways how Facebook has influenced the online functions that people have been getting into. One way how Facebook has changed websites involves how a personal profile on Facebook can be easily converted. This can be used to go from creating a simple personal page into a business page. This is a very impressive feature that makes Facebook all the more essential for anyone who wants to find a useful way of getting Facebook to work with different computing needs.

Why is this necessary?

This is a great feature that works to help make it easier for any website to be more attractive and useful for more people. It is clear that the draw that online functions have is very large and useful for all kinds of businesses. A Facebook page can be controlled to where it will work with the intention of getting more people out of Facebook to take a look at what a business has. This is a necessary function to use because of the large population that Facebook has.

How the orientation can be controlled

A key feature of using Facebook to create a great website is the way how a site is adjusted. A migration tool is used on the page to help convert friends on a site into fans of something that a business offers. This can be used to help make a business look more successful and therefore more likely to develop additional customers over a period of time.

This migration tool can be controlled by using the Facebook Pages section and getting all profiles adjusted off of it. A full tool that works for moving information will be provided by the section.

Is it available?

An interesting point about the migration tool that Facebook uses is that it is not fully available to all users. However, users are becoming more aware of it and are going to become more interested in it over time. This may help to encourage more businesses to get into Facebook in the near future. The business value of Facebook will certainly blossom as this feature is being used by more people.

This is an attractive feature that makes Facebook all the more essential for anyone who wants to find a good business need. The use of Facebook for handling different business functions is something that I and may other Facebook visitors will certainly be looking forward to using as the special features for business come around.

Contest Questions:-

1.      What kind of tool is used for turning personal profiles into business pages?
2.      Where can Facebook users go if they have trouble using the tool?


xmd5 said...

1. Migration Tool
2. Facebook Help Center

Anonymous said...

1) migration tool
2) Help Center

Lost Fermata said...

Q1. The Migration tool is used to turn personal profiles into business pages.

Q2.Facebook users can use the Help Center if they have trouble using the migration tool.

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Gizmo-King said...

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