Monday, April 4, 2011

Apple Aims to Entice with the “We Believe” iPad 2 Commercial

The newest advertisement for Apple’s iPad 2 is going to be an exciting thing to see. This is an advert that will feature a great message that shows just how beneficial the iPad 2 can be and how this device can be different from other tablets.

Apple believes

The commercial, which is referred to as “We Believe,” is one that lasts only thirty seconds but is still something that conveys a good message. It states that benefits for technology should not come from the number of functions, applications and specifications that a device has but rather through the way how it will be able to work with daily needs in mind. This is used as a means of making a person’s life easier and less challenging. This human thought is something great that will make the iPad 2 more useful than other types of tablets.

What response is expected?

Apple is expecting to get a good response out of this new ad. The response is expected to be positive in a society where vanity is king. It will suggest how a more personal type of device can be more effective and useful for anyone to handle in today’s world. It can be easier to use and work with than something else that might not be too simple.

New demand

The demand that will be found after this iPad 2 ad airs will be something great to see. It will be a demand that suggests that the device will be more interesting and popular for all kinds of needs that people may have. This will help to make the iPad 2 a little more effective and valuable for all kinds of people who want something that is useful and easy to run.

Of course, this will add to the amount of demand that people had when they heard about the iPad 2 for the first time. This new demand should help to make it a little more popular and useful with different functions in mind.

I am looking forward to seeing the responses to this advert. This is an interesting ad that I know will certainly make it easier for the device to be useful and helpful for all kinds of needs. This is something that shows just how effective an ad can be. This ad will certainly drum up demand for this impressive device and make it a little more attractive and useful for anyone.

Contest Questions:-

1.      What’s the title of the iPad 2 commercial?
2.      Is the iPad2 ad’s approach more personal than technological?


xmd5 said...

1. We Believe
2. yes

Lost Fermata said...

Question 1.
The title to the commercial is 'We Believe'.

Question 2.
Yes its more personal than technological as it associates with daily life applications.

Anonymous said...

1)We Believe
2)The approach is more technological in order to run more sophisticated applications with multitask approach.