Monday, April 18, 2011

Haier Takes on a Different Approach with the HaiPad

Haier is a company that has not become very popular in the world of tablets. This is because Haier is relatively small in size. I don’t know much about it either but from what I have been told it is a company that is based in China and caters to the market in that area. Haier is making its own new product in the HaiPad.

The HaiPad is a tablet that is apparently going to compete with the iPad. There are many things that make this tablet relatively interesting.

The OS is different

Many tablets are using the Android 2.3 or 3.0 operating system. The HaiPad is going in a different route with the Android 2.2 operating system. This is different from what is normally used but it is easy to handle and will not deal with lagging problems. This is something that is also similar to what can be used with smartphones in mind. This makes the HaiPad more convenient for anyone to handle.

Great technical features

The technical features that are used in the HaiPad are impressive. These include such things as the 800 MHz processor that works to handle most applications as quickly as possible without any difficult risks.

There are also rear and front cameras that can work with different kinds of photo needs. Access to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks can also be handled. This can help make it easier for the HaiPad to work as well as possible.

Easy to carry

The screen on the HaiPad is smaller in size than what is used in other devices but it is still easy to work with. The HaiPad can handle a seven inch touchscreen. This is smaller from the ten inch sizes that are used here. These will help to make it easier for the HaiPad to work as well as it can. This will also be lighter in weight than other tablets.

I admit to not knowing about Haier but the HaiPad is something that I will definitely be looking into. This device is going to be planned with the Chinese market in mind. This will help to create something attractive and useful for all kinds of people who need to use something effective in the world of tablets. This is one of the most interesting tablets that will make it so it will not too difficult to work with this product for all kinds of needs and it will be easy to carry.

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