Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Facebook Town Hall Session is in Order with President Obama

It’s not a surprise that Facebook has become a popular place for all sorts of business and control needs. In fact, President Obama has begun to use Facebook in a very unique way. Much of this came from a recent town hall that he had on Facebook.

What was going on?

The town hall on Facebook was a simple process where the President was talking with other Facebook users about what was going on with a variety of different points in the country. These included things like the federal deficit and how it needs to be corrected as soon as possible. The topics that were discussed dealt with a variety of important points. However, the influence that came from this town hall involved more than just discussions on how the American government is working.

A variety of features

The things that took place during the town hall showcased some of the benefits that Facebook has with regards to getting people to communicate with each other. It featured discussions on how social networking can be used with business and governmental features as well to help improve communication between everyone.

The big point about this is that the town hall was not too different from what is experienced on television. The interactive approach to the town hall was very intelligent and made for a more direct approach to the government.

Obama was very direct to his answers as well. It did not seem that the new technology changed anything with regards to his responses and how things went during the town hall.

Final feature

The big part at the end of the town hall involved Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg raising a number of questions to Obama. He also gave Obama a sweatshirt with the Facebook logo on it. This was used as a means of showing his encouragement to Obama over this unique technology.

This town hall really showed how well social media can work when it comes to getting different kinds of contacts covered and used up. This includes ways how Facebook can possibly even work with some other interactive events in the future.

Of course, Facebook is also a big winner because it showed just how relevant it can be in today’s technological society. This includes looking into the way how Facebook may work without too many troubles to get even the most professional high end events covered. This is a unique benefit that shows just how great social networking can be for anyone who wants to use it.

Contest Questions:-

1.      What’s the social networking site that will broadcast the session?
2.      Is Mark Zuckerberg included in the meeting?


xmd5 said...

1. Facebook
2. yes

Lost Fermata said...

Q1. Facebook will broadcast the Town Hall Session.

Q2. Yes.

Anonymous said...

2)Mark Zuckerberg is included in the meeting