Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 Cheapest Quality Android Phones in India

I have been trying to watch my budget lately so I have been looking around for items that are affordable and are not going to be poor in quality. Fortunately, I have found a number of different phones that are not too expensive. Here are a few of the cheapest phones that you can use in India today. I have found these phones to be very useful and perhaps you will feel that they are useful as well.

LG Optimus One P500

The first of the cheap phones to see is the Optimus One P500 from LG. This is an Android 2.2 phone that uses a 600 MHz processor for quick speeds without too many lagging concerns in it. An HVGA monitor is also used here to keep the phone looking as great as possible. A 3.15 megapixel camera is also used here. However, this camera does not have the flash feature that others may have.

This is an incredibly cheap phone that is not too difficult for any phone user to handle. It can be found for around Rs. 12,499 in most places.

Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801

The second cheap phone to check out is the Galaxy 3 i5801 from Samsung. This phone has a useful keyboard that uses the Swype system from Samsung. This works to help make it easier to write things on the phone and to use the reader on it. This device also works with a 667 MHz processor and the TouchWiz3 system for making it easier to control with one’s fingers. I find this phone to be very easy to control.

This phone also has supported for media files. These include DivX movie files and assorted music formats.

The best part of this Samsung phone is its price. It is available for only Rs. 12,000 in most stores. This makes for a very great bargain to consider.

Micromax Andro A60

One phone that is amazingly worth a mere Rs. 6,699 is the Micromax Andro A60. This impressive phone has a 600 MHz processor that can work with the best of them. It also uses a 3.2 megapixel camera and a gravity sensor with accelerometer that adjusts the orientation of the screen when necessary. It also works with general connections that are commonly used through India. I originally thought that this phone was worth Rs. 10,000 or greater when I used it but I was surprised to hear its price be as low as it is.


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