Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Facebook Status Option that Promotes Gender Equality

The debate about sexual orientation online has raged among all sorts of people who have their own viewpoints on the issues. People are already able to tell others on Facebook that they are single, married or in a relationship. However, Facebook is adding a new point to this feature that is being used to help add to the gender equality debate. Facebook is allowing people to state that they are in domestic partnerships with one another. This is something that has brought plenty of support from gay organizations along with it.

What this is about

The acknowledgement of domestic partnerships on the status section of Facebook is a big story. This means that it acknowledges the fact that there are people who are in gay relationships and that they are engaging in different events with each other. This is used to make a formal declaration of one’s relationship with someone of the same gender.

A big step

This has been heralded by many gay rights organizations as a big move. It shows that people who are of different sexual orientation from others in society are being recognized for who they are and not because they are of a different sexual status.

In fact, it is established that this may influence other social networking sites to follow suit. The goal may be to become friendlier to gay people who are online. This is especially as people are becoming more accepting to a number of gay rights laws around the country.

Relationship changes

This change may also be used as a template to allow people who are not even gay to think about their own relationships. This can include thinking about how they relate to their partners and how much of a link is being felt between two people. This could be used to help with influencing the ways how different couples around the world are interacting with one another.

This is a very simple change that has been made to Facebook but it is still a very valuable one. I will definitely be looking to see what is going to happen next with regards to how Facebook will adjust to changes in society. The impact that is going on with people who are gay will work to help ensure that people will have an easier time with expressing who they really are without worrying about any limits because of things about them that they are not able to change or control.

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