Monday, February 7, 2011

Consumer Electronics Show: Predicting the shape of the Tablet PC market

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show harped on a different note altogether; not Androids but it is the Windows 7 tablets that'll rock 2011! Perhaps one may accuse CES for praising the Windows ARM too much, but the tablet narrative from Vegas is yet to materialize.

Ink v/s Blink

Tablets are consumption devices and that includes the Honeycombs. It applies to the Toshiba tablet, the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the BlackBerry PlayBook, the last one being equally fast, responsive and powerful even when running two HD-movies simultaneously! Also, there were Dell Streak 7, the Panasonic Viera and the Vizio Via, which have been predicted as the first in its class to bring some serious, home-theater experience.

Now, it seems the consumer with a mind for entertainment shall opt for the Android-based Panasonic Viera, for it shall sync wirelessly with any Panasonic HDTV and all it will take is a finger swipe. That opens the doors for some coolest possibilities (Fantasy Football, anyone? Or, maybe, some chat apps).

Form factors also revealed tablets that incorporate a physical keyboard since users still dig QWERTY and none can go against its usability for producing content. That’s why there was the incredibly slim Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series and Asus Eee Pad. But if you want some more surprise, then nothing perhaps shall compare to the sub-zero, swivel-screen Inspiron Duo from Dell. And we didn’t even mention the ASUS Transformer or the Lenovo IdeaPad U1, the last one making use of two-processor units to run Windows (in docked mode) and Honeycomb while being used as a slate.

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