Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fretted framework or a Tablet tale

A funny thing about technology is it always keeps us waiting. Last year, it had been the laptops and net-books; this year, the fad passes over to the tablet PC-s. For long we awaited tablets to be in the mainstream; we waited to see the features not turning bleak, leading to a mass expectation of a competitor to the (in)famous iPad. Perhaps that was too many a lost souls praying, for the avalanche that followed pushed the tablet PC, accessories and other related industries forward – some say – dangerously. But, since ride is not always about reaching destination the fastest and it needs to be an overall pleasant experience at the same time, the Honeycomb’s release shall end too early a market that’s ripe for just Androids. We all know the ill effects of overstuffing, and as usual, it’s the refinement (sugar is good; refined sugar is not) that creates the trouble.

A little on the sugar poured

Uber-refined is what describes Android 3.0 the best; it’s huge. The OS was thought of with large-screen devices in mind; so tablets fit in nicely. Extra stuff is the 3D home screen. It’s snazzy, as much as the tabbed browser with regular PC functions like auto-fill, Chrome-synching and private browsing for added safety. So there are the 7- and 10-inch Android tablets from Acer awaited for April 2011; the Eee Pad MeMO from Asus, Pansonic’s Viera, Motorola Xoom (this has a dual-core processor), LG G-Slate and an unnamed one expected from HTC. All have one common point though: The soft keyboard is now optimally redesigned for doing things faster than ever.

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lisa said...

your blog is the best no doubt but it makes me feel so poor...!! they are such tempting and must own stuff!!