Thursday, February 3, 2011

Toshiba Android 3.0 Tablet: Is the swappable battery it’s only USP?

Toshiba’s confirmation on the speculations of its still unnamed HoneyComb (or, Android 3.0)-powered tablet takes them aback who knew Toshiba as a Microsoft Loyalist. However, altering preferences didn’t belt out something bad either; it is a NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2-driven tablet fit for the gen-next

That’s evident from the 10.1 inch HD screen with adaptive Display Technology put to use for allowing adjusting the screen brightness of the multi-touch display according to the light present. But, as the industry says, the real potential of the Toshiba tablet is in its lithium ion battery (easily replaceable unlike iPad’s) and not the dual cameras, the GPS or the compass; neither the HDMI support, the mini-USB ports, SD Card slot, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. We didn’t have the last few on iPad which also lacked the power to savor Flash and its preparations.

 The bad part (or, the sad part) is the Toshiba tablet is a real turn down for the size-zero lovers; the removable battery bulges out its belly. It’s really a matter of utility over appearance and if you somehow bust the batteries, you can snap back a new one without having to take it to the manufacturer-authorized service centers.

So how long till we lay hands on this pleasantly plump beauty? Not until this year spring, which means, it is to see the daylight along with Xoom, RIM PlayBook, several other Windows7 tablets and probably, even with iPad2. Let’s see to what extent now the four physical buttons (home/menu/back/search) can attract existing Android-based handset owners.


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