Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where the tablet is heading to?

Tablets are the in-thing of 2011 mostly because they will offer the things that people need as opposed to the iPad, which is only an item of luxury. The laptops do more than the iPad and cost less too and this is the point where other tablet makers caught on and made the new slew of gadgets pass the barrier that divided want from need.

Looking at the current trend, it is not too hard predicting that the tablets of future shall pack more processing power, enough (or more) to handle the intensive software which only works on desktops or PC-s. Once that power is achieved, the market will flood with the tablet versions of the same software and that might just make desktops and laptops land up in the museum galleries.Next is the USB port but that has already been taken care of; some even went to the extent of adding HDMI ports and some, the USB 3.0. So the only thing that now remains is a full-fledged OS rather than the apps-based versions. 

Currently, the consumers are considering the tablet just an alternative to the smart phones so there’s no big noise about an alternative OS; however, for something that will look like a smart phone but will do more than a computer will require a defining parameter. Just keeping random apps cluttered throughout is not going to cut the cheese.

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