Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Facebook, Now a Human Name in Egypt

The people of Egypt have been celebrating after their successful independence from former president Hosni Mubarak. The departure of the president amid protests and rallies from the people of Egypt has how strong the power of social media can be.

In fact, there is even the point of how Facebook has been critical to the process. Facebook was used heavily in the process of getting people together to take down the regime that had been ruling Egypt. This was a very critical function that helped to influence the way how people in Egypt have acted towards getting their freedom.

Facebook was the key

The big point about the use of Facebook was that it was used to help reach out to people around Egypt. Wael Ghonim had used a series of propaganda to help promote the ability of people to get together to fight for Egypt. This included setting up protests that were used with the intention of getting Mubarak out of office.

The Facebook page that was created by Ghonim got more than fifty thousand fans on the day that it was started. This already showed how devoted people were towards making Egypt free.

Word got out

A big part of the Facebook revolt was that it was able to get people to hear more about what is going on well before the national government pulled the plug on online access. The word was spread to the point where it could be used offline. This helped to eventually get to the creation of a successful revolt that helped to get Mubarak out of power.

An interesting effect

One of the most unusual points about this revolt is that one person named his child Facebook after the successful revolt. This was in honor of the great effort that Facebook put in for getting Mubarak out of the country.

Overall, the Facebook revolt that occurred in Egypt was critical in that it helped to get rid of a man who was considered to be a tyrant who was not willing to let go of power in the country. The efforts that were used to get Egypt to become a free country were important because they involved many things that related to getting Egypt to be secure and safe for the future. This is truly one of the most impressive stories to come out of the world of social media in recent years because of the great impact it has had on the future of Egypt.

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