Saturday, February 12, 2011

Asus Preps Up a 10-inch Android Tablet for Indian Buyers

I’ve been taking a look at lots of people using tablets all around India and I’ve noticed a number of them having some big sizes. However, I think that I might have topped them all with the new Asus tablet. This is a tablet that I have been using recently for a number of different functions. This is a huge product that is very easy to read in all settings.

This tablet from Asus is the Eee tablet. This is a big one that is about ten inches in size and features a series of impressive features that make it all the more useful.

What Features Does it Have?

The Asus Eee has more features to it than just its impressive ten inch screen. The tablet also has support for the newest Android operating system. This helps to keep the device working effectively and easy to handle.

There is also support for many different online connections. The Asus Eee can handle connections on a Wi-Fi network along with 3G signals for the fastest speeds. Bluetooth technology is also available to help keep the device working efficiently without any problems involving getting the tablet to use wires.

There is also a great deal of support for many kinds of applications that can handle different functions. This is something that adds to the uses that can be handled on the tablet. In fact, I have found the application functions to be a little easier to use here than on the iPad.

The foldout keyboard on the tablet is also very useful. This makes it work like a small laptop when necessary.

What Else Is Asus Releasing?

Although I have enjoyed this great new tablet I have also been looking forward to some of the many new things that can come out from Asus. There are many great things that are being offered with all sorts of different functions in mind. I find these to be very interesting and attractive.

A few new Android tablets are going to be released in India as a means of competing with other big name Android tablet companies. These include such big name companies as Lenovo and Samsung.

The fact that this great country is expanding as much as it has is something that has made India a more viable market for all sorts of technologies. There is no doubt that Asus will be getting into this trend and offering plenty of new tablets that can cater to all sorts of people around India.

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