Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How a Facebook Page Sparked a Revolution in Egypt

It’s no secret that Facebook has taken over in the world of social media and has influenced many activities. However, it has gone one step further and has inspired a full on revolution in Egypt. The recent uprising and revolt in Egypt that helped to bring about a revolution with new leadership was created through the use of social networking and specifically with Facebook in mind. This is one of the more interesting ways how Facebook has been used to help with getting some kind of change handled. It is also an impressive thing to see.

An interesting start

The start of the revolution through Facebook came from a page created by Wael Ghonim, a person from Egypt who was upset with the way how Hosni Mubarak’s functions for running the country were working. He wanted to see the Mubarak regimen turned over and changed to where someone new would come in. However, he was worried about his identity and went in an anonymous fashion to post his messages. His posts helped to start a revolution that was followed throughout Egypt.

Additional help was used

He also got help from Nadine Wahab, a person who is very experienced with media relations. Ghonim helped to push the post to make it easier for a great protest to work as well as possible. The promotions were high even though there was a great risk that came with trying to get the word out about the protest and revolt.

A big change

The changes that came to Egypt as a result of the revolution were substantial. Mubarak was able to get out of office and resign, thus helping to bring about a change in the world of Egypt. Today new leaders are running the country and are working to help repair a country that has been hit hard over the years by the rule of Mubarak.

This is a great thing that shows just how well Facebook has worked to get a revolution to work as well as possible. The changes that were made as a result of the revolt show that anything can happen when Facebook is involved. Even a country can get some huge changes handled once a good Facebook page and campaign are being used. This is a great feature that is very unique and has helped to encourage many things and might even be partly responsible for the rise of different countries wanting to get their own levels of independence through different activities.

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