Friday, February 18, 2011

A Twitter Ban on World Cup Cricket

The International Cricket Council is fully aware of what is going on with Twitter. The ICC is aware of the influence that Twitter has on society and how it can be useful. However, there are concerns about how this could be used to fix games and pass along improper game information between players. This could result in a lack of a competitive balance during major events like the ICC World Cup.

Therefore, the ICC is banning the use of Twitter during the World Cup. This is a big point that is being used as a means of making sure that game fixing does not occur.

Why it is in place

There have been no stories about game fixing in cricket through the use of Twitter. However, some events involving a match in Pakistan in recent months has made it to the point where people are concerned about how Twitter could be used to fix games and give out unfair advantages. This could make it so it will be challenging for teams to play fair.

The events in Pakistan in a match with England caused three players to be banned from competition for five years. This is a risk that shows how dangerous tweeting in game can be.

Why tweeting could be harmful

The things that can come about from tweeting can be dangerous. It can be easy for players and others to tweet during matches and to get in touch with other groups. This can be a risk that might end up hurting the ways how teams are going to play and can involve specific details on the game being laid out to others, thus keeping the game from being as fair as it should be.

Some tweets are allowed

Players will be able to continue to use Twitter when they are not playing in matches. This includes off days and times when teams are traveling. This can be used to help communicate with others. However, tweeting during matches is still outlawed as a means of ensuring that the games are all fair and carefully handled as well as possible.

This is a good point to see when it comes to the ways how Twitter is being handled. Twitter has not been a factor in getting any games in World Cup play to be fixed. Banning its use during matches will help to ensure that this will not be a problem and that the likelihood of fixing in games will be substantially reduced to where it will not be a problem.


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