Thursday, February 10, 2011

Palm All Set to Release a Gem of a Tablet in the TouchPad

Palm is known for being one of the first great companies in the world of mobile devices. It has entered the world of tablets with the TouchPad. I know that Palm has been around for a while and even longer than some tablet companies. I am definitely looking to see just what is going to happen with Palm.

Very strong features

There are a variety of great features that make the TouchPad something very unique. It uses a 9.7 inch screen along with a 1.3 megapixel camera to help make it useful for getting a variety of different kinds of webcam and video conference functions handled.

The webOS operating system is also being used here. This is used to help with making it easier for the device to work because it will involve the same functions that the Pixi and Pre phones are able to work with.

Fast and large

The speed of the processor in the TouchPad is very effective. It features a dual core processor to help with making it easier for anyone to get different applications handled as quickly as possible.

Also, the tablet can work with 16 or 32 GB of space depending on the model that is used. The size of the device is also around the same as that of the iPad. This includes the size of both the weight and thickness alike.

The card interface is unique

One thing that I really like about the TouchPad is that it features a process where multiple applications can be seen as cards or small windows on the screen. These can be dragged around the screen as needed. A slight touch can open one up while a brush will close it. Also, the TouchPad will work with multitasking to help make it a little more functional. The fact that the device uses a dual core processor will help to make it easier for things to be controlled as well as possible without worrying about the device losing power as more things are being used.

This is a great device to take a look at. Palm is really looking to stand out in the tablet world with the TouchPad. It is not clear as to what the price is but I will be looking forward to it as a means of seeing just what is going to happen because of the great benefits that come with this device. I expect the price to be competitive with other tablets that are like this.


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