Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Intel’s new chips for tablet PCs: 2011

Intel has become a big name in processors over the years. I have known Intel for a while and am not surprised that Intel has evolved to where it is offering a variety of choices for tablets. In fact, I enjoy the fact that I have a good choice when finding different kinds of tablets.

The devices that Intel has been introducing are very useful. These include the Oak Trail processor that works with the Pioneer DreamBook ePad F10.

New features

There are a few new points that Intel is using for its tablet chips. Intel is using the Lincroft and Whitney Point processors on the Atom SoC platform to help create support for the portable Windows 7 operating system along with the Meego and Google operating systems. These are great systems that most tablets have been using over the years. Intel has not been too open with regards to explaining how these chips are designed.

Some reductions

A few things have been removed over the years from Intel’s processors. The fan has been removed as a means of helping to keep the battery life extended to where the processor can work for as long as needed.

This added battery life is used to help make it easier for the Intel chips to work with 1080p videos. These videos can be played for eight hours. HDMI support is also promoted thanks to this added battery life.

Big problems

I have noticed that Intel is not all that focused on its Oak Trail products as much as it is concerned about what Nvidia has been using. The Tegra 2 processor from Nvidia has been something that Intel is looking at because the Oak Trail series is not supported very well through Toshiba, Fujitsu and Samsung among other companies that are making tablets.

Of course, this could be from price concerns. The Tegra 2 processor is known for being cheap and easy to afford. This is something that may change the way how Intel might work with tablet chips over time.

This part of Intel is something that I have become interested in and might want to take a look at as times goes by. The evolution of chips from Intel has helped to make Intel one of the more popular companies around when finding different kinds of products that can work in great processors. It will help to see these things when finding helpful chips that you could use for all kinds of purposes.

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Intel's innovation has always surprised me!!