Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blackbox: Record Sounds like a Super Spy

I like to record things on my Android phone. This includes a variety of audio sounds from conversations and other daily occurrences. Sometimes I feel like a spy when I get some of these sounds because I can easily pick up conversations and find out what people are talking about at any time of the day. This is especially the case with the new Blackbox mobile application.

This is a brilliant audio recorder that does more than just record audio files. It also works in a very secretive manner.

How Well Does it Record?

The key point about Blackbox is that it is capable of recording even the faintest of sounds with ease. This includes recording sounds that are loud or quiet and then playing them back later. The recording function is very sensitive to what goes on around it.

Of course, you can always edit the files that you record with any audio cleaning software that you may have. I have not had much of a need for this software but I have found it to be incredibly beneficial because it helps to clear some static spots up.

This function works well for all kinds of different occasions. It can work with student lectures or business meetings in mind. It will be useful for other applications too. Of course, I tend to use it for some other things but that’s something between me and you.

Easy to Set Up

Blackbox can be programmed with ease. This comes from a function where you will set up the program with a specific time period for getting the device to work. You can set up the amount of time used for getting your recording done beforehand. This is so you can ensure that the program will record for a certain period of time while you avoid letting people know that you are recording them with Blackbox.

How Much Is It?

When I first heard about this application I assumed it would cost a great deal of money. It turns out that the Blackbox application is only two dollars. This is a very small price to pay for such an incredibly useful application.

I really enjoy this application because of how versatile and useful it is. This application works with one of the best recording standards around. It is also easy to handle with regards to getting sounds read and cleared up. It is a real private product that is useful. Maybe we should keep it a secret; then again, no one would know about this if we did.