Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blogger Beefs Up the Android Phone’s Roster of Applications

Blogger is a Useful Application for Android Blogging Needs

I enjoy blogging for many reasons. It allows me to communicate with others online. It also allows me to earn money and share my interests with other people. The rewards of blogging are real fun and enjoyable.

Today I am able to get my blogging done from more places. This is thanks to the Blogger application that works on my Android phone. This is an amazing application that makes it easier to take my blogging work with me in all places.

Blogger is a relatively new application. However, its benefits are already being seen by many people who are interested in blogging.

Just Like the Website

Blogger is actually a larger website that works with a useful blogging platform. This application is essentially the mobile version of the Blogger website. It will allow a user to write new entries on a blog and then get them published. It can also allow the writer to link a blog post to a social networking site. This can be easy to handle and will integrate very well with all kinds of social networking sites.

It is also easy to get to different blogs when using this application. This is useful to me because I do have a few blogs of my own.

A Unique Mobile Feature

One great feature that only works on the mobile version is that it can handle photo entry functions. This can be used with your digital camera on your phone. I have used this feature to take photos and get them into Blogger posts while also getting my location and picture data of where I am saved and shared with other people who visit my social media pages.

Easy to Learn

The best thing about Blogger is that it is very easy to work with and is also very easy to learn. This works with a format that is similar to what you’d find on the Blogger website. Therefore, you would not have any trouble with using this application if you are already familiar with the Blogger website and its layout.

Of course, you may have to write good sized blog posts on your device. Fortunately, my Android phone has a good enough keyboard that is very conducive to getting blog posts written. Hopefully your phone will have this feature so you’ll have an easier time with getting it to work well for all of your blogging needs. This type of application will be useful for all of your blog functions.

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lisa said...

blogging definately helps you to talk out your mind..!!