Wednesday, February 16, 2011

M1040: A tablet pc for medical purposes

I think that it is great for businesses in the medical field to work with more technology. It is important for data and information to be readily available at all times when it comes to treating people. I know that this could be useful if I even had to go to the hospital for any reason. The M1040 is one such tablet that many medical professionals have been using.

The M1040 is a great device that can be easy for any medical business to use. It works as a Mobile Clinical Assistant. It also has an electromagnetic digitizer to make it safe to use in all sorts of places. The Restive Touch support is also convenient for anyone to work with.

Great physical build

A big part of the M1040 is that it will work to handle all sorts of things from a physical sense. It is 26mm thick and weighs 1.3kg, thus making it easy to move around. The M1040 can also work with a panel that is 10.5 inches in size and will not be damaged by different materials too easily.

What is Restive Touch?

The Restive Touch feature that I mentioned earlier is a great point of the M1040. This is where the device’s screen can be contacted with a simple touch pattern. This can include a touch pattern through something like either a finger or a round end object. This works to make it easy to handle and responsive for all kinds of functions.

What about the electromagnetic digitizer?

Another great feature of the M1040 is the electromagnetic digitizer. This is where electromagnetic waves that are read by the device will be easy to notice and will not be too challenging for anyone to handle. This can work very well with an electromagnetic pen to create accurate readouts. This can work to help with getting medical records of clients handled carefully and accurately.

These features are ones that make the M1040 one of the top tablets for medical purposes. This is a great tablet that has support for all kinds of controls and needs to help ensure that a user will have an easier time with getting plenty of things read as well as possible without worrying about anything getting in the way. I know that this is something that could be useful for anyone who is in a hospital and should be effective for anyone who wants to find something that is effective and beneficial for all kinds of needs.

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