Friday, February 4, 2011

Codename: Honeycomb

The fun of the most technologically advanced, insane performance engine is lost if it guzzles too much of fuel. Similarly, the grapevine news now speaks of gargantuan demands by Honeycomb: Dual Core processors at least, with 1,280×720 screen resolution. That makes things as simple as these tablets shall stay limited to the higher-end sector only, as also the holographic UI themes and interactive models suggest. 

 The Honeycomb has been claimed to give developers the required tools and capabilities for creating a great number of applications for tablets and similar other devices and a flexibility to make existing apps adapt to the new UI. This won’t be a bar in maintaining earlier platform compatibility.

The current processor in the market meeting Honeycomb’s requirements is the NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2, the first mobile super chip to handle extreme multitasking. The secret is in its dual-core CPU; the processor allows fantastic Web experience at twice normal browsing speed, hardware acceleration for Flash and a console-like feel while gaming. That’s why, even Android 2.4 on-boards are now been rethought for Tegra 2 in them. But the good news is: the chip market is soon to overflow with dual core processors. Almost all companies are at it, so tablets might just see a significant drop in price soon, marking an end to the PC era and the beginning of an ever-raging war between Apple and Google.


lisa said...

man surely is working hard to get such cool products in the market!

Gizmo-King said...

Indeed !!!