Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BuzzVoice is Essential for the Multi-tasker

I have many needs for different applications on my Android but it is tough for me to get my hands on it sometimes. This can be because I am eating or I am busy exercising or driving my car. This is where a useful voice dictation program can come in handy. One great program that works like this with an Android in mind is BuzzVoice. This is a free application that can work to get different functions controlled by listening to the things that are posted to the Android.

This can work with reading out all sorts of things on your device. These include things like updates on blogs and websites. Any kind of text can be read through this application.

It Works with All Voices

I admit that it’s kind of tough to get excited about something when it comes to getting a computer voice working. This is because the monotone signals of a voice might be unappealing and can feel like they are not very enthusiastic. However, BuzzVoice goes beyond this with a useful system.

Male and female voices are used as the output on the device as well. This will help to ensure that you can get text read clearly without any problems.

Of course, there is the occasional awkward point with something that is hard to pronounce. This is not always going to be present on the program though. The speech always flows perfectly. This is something that makes it easier for me to listen to things without being slowed down.

Real Time Updates Can Be Used

In fact, it can even work with some items that are pulled up in real time. This includes all sorts of news updates from a variety of different feeds. The news items that you want to get will be aggregated to your phone and the BuzzVoice application. This means that you will not have to struggle with getting an RSS feed set up because your phone will be able to handle this automatically without any real effort involved.

Free to Use

The biggest part about this app is that you can use it for free. I enjoy this feature the most because of how I can use it without any real problems.

A premium version is also available. This does have a few additional functions and features but it will cost extra to get. The free version of BuzzVoice is good enough for me and it should be enough for whatever it is that you need.


bharat said...

Cool Application:)

lisa said...

i think its super useful!