Sunday, February 13, 2011

Loser at the CES 2011: Triple Boot Evolve III Maestro tablet PC

There were many great tablets on display at the CES recently. However, there were some concerns over one tablet that did not perform as well as people thought it would. This was the Evolve III Maestro tablet. This is a triple boot tablet that features a series of operating functions but was not as useful as people thought it would be.

This is something that I was not too happy with. I was really hoping that a tablet that can handle a triple boot function could have been more effective and useful.

What three booting options are there?

The three booting features on the Evolve III Maestro are interesting points. These are the Windows 7, Meego and Android operating systems. This is convenient but the big problem is that the battery backup time is eight hours for Windows 7 and sixteen hours for the other systems. This made the tablet a little too inconsistent.

How the processor works

The Evolve III Maestro uses a 1.83 GHz Atom N475 processor. This is powerful but at the same time it was relatively sluggish and had a tough time with handling different functions. The product also seems to have been rushed. I expect this processor to be a little better when the final product does come out.

Other features

There are many other points in the Evolve III Maestro that make this interesting. The Evolve III Maestro is 14mm thick and is about 1.84 pounds in weight. This should be rather easy to handle and carry around.

The 10.1 inch screen is easy to handle. It can also handle great touching functions. The screen at least works well. A 1024x600 pixel resolution is also used to help keep it working well.

2 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 32 GB hard drive are also used. Two USB ports and support for Wi-Fi and 3G signals are also used here.

I expect this tablet to go for around $500 with an additional $100 needed to go for an Oak Trail processor. This is an interesting part that might be used to make the tablet work a little better. I am not sure as to whether or not the tablet is going to work well but I know for certain that the tablet should be something that might be a little more effective than others when it comes to getting different tablets ready for different functions.


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