Friday, February 25, 2011

Playstation Home Offers Global Coverage to the NASA Launch

The NASA space shuttle program is winding down to a close. This important program has brought many great advancements and wonders to society. The PlayStation Home system is allowing people to view the launch of the next NASA flight on February 24.

This is a truly unique experience to see. NASA is clearly one of the most notable agencies in the country and its launches are always big events. The advancement of sharing this on the PSX is a real advancement in technology and how NASA is keeping in touch with people. In fact, this may be just the first time that NASA is going to get its items to be broadcast on such a unique system.

Details of the launch

The space shuttle launch will occur on February 24 at around 4:50 PM Eastern time. This is the current estimated time for departure. The PlayStation Home system will cover the event and even offer details on the Sunset Yacht channel that NASA uses. This is something that can be contacted through the use of the PlayStation home console and a full online connection to get this to work. This is a very simple feature that will not be too tough to handle.

The shuttle launch will involve a very simple function. It will involve the installation of equipment and a series of spare parts for use on the International Space Station. A humanoid robot will also be transported. This is the 39th time that the shuttle program has gone in flight since 1984.

Communication features

People can communicate to each other during the launch. This will come through the Bluetooth communications that the PlayStation Home system can use. This will allow people to communicate with each other and to discuss the shuttle launch and many other aspects of what is going on with NASA.

NASA’s excitement

One thing is for certain about this event. NASA is excited to offer this technology as a means of giving more people the ability to see important events that are going on with NASA. The fact that the PlayStation Home network works around the world means that all people from all parts of the world and not just in North America will be able to see this monumental event live from their own homes.

It is expected that this will continue to evolve over time to where more features are going to be used to where more methods of broadcast can bring people to different NASA events. This is a great development to see.

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