Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hackers in China Manage to Infiltrate Western Oil Companies

The oil industry in the western part of the United States is a very strong industry. It is an important industry that needs to be covered as carefully as possible. However, there are worries about the ways how the online security services of these businesses are being handled. This is especially the case after a group of hackers from China have gotten into the computers that these companies work with.

McAfee’s report

McAfee, is top name online security company in the United States, as reported that a group from hackers from China have gotten into western oil company sites. They stole a series of pieces of confidential details during the process. This is a serious concern that has impacted the ways how these businesses are being handled.

The hackers were reported to have gone after information on the finances of these companies. This includes details on the ways how these are operating. The hackers have been working with these things since November 2009.

The risks involved

The biggest problem that comes with these risks involves the way how different kinds of problems that hackers may have. Some hackers might be seen as people who are trying to spy on others. This is especially the case when the hackers come from a different country like what is happening here.

However, the Chinese government has stated that it has nothing to do with these hackers. It is not fully clear of what is going on with this.

Skills were strong

The attacks that were used were clearly held by people who were very skilled and talented with regards to getting hacks handled. Some industrial or governmental groups in China could have even done this due to the extensive amount of training that needs to be handled. This is a big concern that needs to be seen when finding something effective for getting an oil company to be hacked into.

It is not certain as to whether or not any losses have come from these hacks. However, there is a concern about whether or not information from customers has been stolen. Therefore, it is essential for all businesses to deal with different kinds of controls to help ensure that the people who are targeted online will not be harmed by hackers. This is a big problem that needs to be seen because of the risks that might be involved when it comes to trying to get personal information protected as well as possible.

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