Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shake ‘n Rotate: Screen Rotation Fun for the Android

The problem that I have with my current Android phone is that it does not have a sensor that will change the screen format for me when I move my phone from one orientation to another. This means that the same portrait orientation is being used on all applications even though a landscape orientation is needed in some cases.

Fortunately, I have been able to get this problem corrected by using a simple program that will allow me to get my items to move onto a different direction on my Android, thus making them easier to use and handle. This is the Shake ‘n Rotate tool. This can allow a phone to be tilted around at a 180 degree angle. It works without too much effort and will be very beneficial for all kinds of users.

How Does it Work?

Shake ‘n Rotate works with a very simple process. I can just open the application and choose to turn the feature on or off. The device will be able to switch screen orientation when needed if the feature is on. I also get full notifications when I end up getting the screen rotated in terms of its appearance.

This can work with all kinds of angles and will not be too tough to work with. This makes for something that will be used with an easy to handle function that is not too difficult to work with.

This device can be turned off when needed as well. This can work in the event that the device is dealing with angles that are not too appealing. I have had to do this a few times because some applications that I use don’t necessarily look all that great when they are adjusted in angle terms.

Will a New Version Come Out?

There have been a few reports here and there about the Shake ‘n Rotate program getting some new features in the near future. These are only rumours for the most part but they are still good things to see. They may work to improve the way how a screen orientation can work with any kind of Android device and any Android operating system.

Until then, I am content with my current Shake ‘n Rotate program. This can help me out with getting Android functions that don’t look good in one style to rotate to a different one so it will be easier to read or use. It can easily add a sensor to your Android just as well.


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I was wondering whetehr or not to get one, I think you just mentioned a few more pros to me!

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Nice review, for a nice Android App.
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