Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spice Delivers with a Couple of New Android Phone and a Tablet

Spice is a great telecom that has been producing a variety of different communication products over the years. There are a number of impressive features in each of these devices. They all make these devices useful for anyone to take advantage of.

These three devices are arranged from the lowest end device to the highest end. All three of them can work very well for all sorts of different phone needs that anyone might have.

Spice Mi-300

The Mi-300 is the first of the options from Spice to take a look at. This works with the Android 2.1 operating system and features a great 3.2 inch screen that is easy to read and use. It also works with a 320x240 resolution screen, thus giving it a better appearance that is not too hard to work with. This works with the best touchscreen functions as well.

A five megapixel camera and a metal detector are also featured in this device. A GPS and Wi-Fi feature are also used. There is even a G-Sensor featured here.

 Spice Mi-410


The next of the options to use is the Mi-410. It is a useful smartphone that has many of the same features that also come with the Mi-300. The big point about this phone is that it uses the Snapdragon MSM8255 chipset. The Snapdragon series of processors have been noted for being some of the most effective processors in the world of mobile phones.

It also works with high definition functions in mind. It can handle recording functions along with plenty of high definition playback features.

Spice Mi-700

The Spice Mi-700 works more like a tablet than it does as an Android device. This is thanks in part to the seven inch touchscreen used on this phone. However, there are many other things on this device that make it such an impressive tool for all sorts of needs.

First, the Spice Mi-700 uses two different cameras. These are used for all kinds of recording functions. These include the same high definition recording functions that he Mi-410 is already well known for.

The Spice Mi-700 also uses an accelerometer. This will adjust the orientation of the screen based on how the device is held. It even works with a strong processor and some of the best online connection features around. These points make it a popular tablet that is just as impressive as the other Android devices that Spice has been making over the years.


Qasim Sahi said...

Informative bro...!!

Kim said...

It looks good.. but its hard to trust spice over samsung :)