Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Delivers a Pack of Hack ‘n Slash Fun

As someone who’s grown up playing a number of role playing games I know that these games can be real fun when they’re done right. One such game that does this genre a real favour is Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. This is a new RPG for the Android that features a great tower defense style.

The concept of tower defense is simple. This is where you have to defend your base and attack the other team’s base. The first person to attack a base and destroy it wins.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is a game that uses the tower defense style to create a real challenge for anyone to use. It also uses a simple design and game play style that makes it a little more action packed than what you’d come to expect from this kind of game.

Two Styles of Play

There are two critical styles of play that are used in this game. First, you will need to build a number of defense mechanisms to keep your tower protected. This includes a variety of traps and even some high power Fireball Towers. This is all used to help you keep your base safe.

The Battle Mode is the second style. This involves attacking opponents with the right strategies and methods.

You Can Play With Others

This game is great to enjoy with other players. I have been making a number of teams online with this game. The ability to get other players into the same game on the same team through an online connection makes it a little easier to compete and a little more fun at the same time.

The Visuals are Also Great

It is true that this is on a smaller Android that may not be as strong as another device but no expense is spared when it comes to getting this game to look as great as possible. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is a game that uses three dimensional graphics and beautifully coloured visuals that are very well detailed. This is what you’d come to expect out of a game like this. Also, the action scenes in the game are engineered very well to make them work as well and effectively as possible.

This is a real thrill of a game to take a look at. The Dungeon Defenders: First Wave game for the Android is one that features a variety of unique points that make this game very challenging and fun to handle. Be sure to see this if you want to find a great challenge on your Android.

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