Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tablet PCs: Hype vs. Fact

Size doesn’t say all. There is a certain clan out there who will own the tablet PC because it’s cool to own a new gadget; there is another to whom being technological is life; some will fall for the widgets and there will be some faithful to the old forms. It is just like the case with the TV or the mobile phones; the tablet PC is going to prove useful only to them involved in a few types of professional services where it is a ready access to information is important irrespective of geographical locations. Ease of carry, number one; laptops are not as handy and net-books are often not as powerful, much less the battery life. A tablet PC will offer all those plus the touch display, making a fast and easy use the primary USP of the tablet

Tablets; for whom?

Anyone believing in the trinity of Access, Process and Create will find the tablet PC an useful piece of equipment; given the future is bright, tablets are to find forms as cheaper, lighter everyday object of use. We may then think about hooking it up to some nerve and control it directly with the brain as opposed to our previous experiences of lugging a keyboard around. It is a heated battle that’s currently waging in the tablet-front, providing a powerful, compelling vision to those savvy on the electronics world for the past couple of years. Tough rivals, tough criticism and we won’t be too far away from the day when tablet brain will have a whole new meaning to define.

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