Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Facebook Acquires Beluga


The Facebook social media website has been looking to get a little further in the world of social media and its ability to connect with more people. A big part of this comes from how Beluga has been bought out by Facebook. Beluga is a mobile messaging system that is operated by Google.

This is a big sign that suggests how Facebook is looking to get a little further in the world of social media. The acquisition of this company is making it so Facebook can have a new item to control. Judging by how Facebook has handled acquisitions in the past I would say that this should not create any substantial changes with regards to how Facebook is going to operate. It will simply have a few new features.

What’s so big about it?

This deal is being used as a means of attempting to get Facebook to be a little more prominent in the world of mobile media. I consider this to be a smart move. I enjoy the idea of updating Facebook on the go. Meanwhile, the rise in smartphones and tablets has made it so these applications are more important and valuable to the things that people have to work with.

What makes it work?

The process that Beluga uses is very simple and easy to see. Beluga works by allowing group messaging to work for social media needs. This includes sending messages to more people on a consistent basis. This is used to help with keeping people in touch with each other.

What changes are there?

The only real change to come out of this is that Beluga will have a slightly larger reach to work with. However, the same standard look and functionality of its current mobile application will be used just as well to help make this program more useful and beneficial for anyone who wants a convenient Facebook application.

Also, the makers of Beluga are expected to work with the makers of Facebook to add to the different applications that can be used in the future. This is going to work as a means of making Beluga more viable and attractive for more users.

Today Beluga can work for free on an Android or iPhone device. It will also be able to work with Facebook and other popular social media applications and sites. This is a real benefit that is being used to help make this a little more prominent and useful for all people.

Contest Questions:-

1) What is the group messaging service bought by Facebook?

2)  Beluga lets users send what?

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Gizmo-King said...

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deepika said...

1. Beluga
2. Messages

Kim said...

1) What is the group messaging service bought by Facebook?


2) Beluga lets users send what?
Messaging... :)

Aman said...

Ans#1: Beluga

Ans#2:sent messages and images.