Thursday, March 3, 2011

Inception: App Edition – Your Portal to the Android Dreamworld

Inception was one of the hottest movies in 2010. The movie was critically adored by fans and the media alike and even received several Oscar nominations. I enjoyed the film myself and was pleasantly surprised to hear about a new application for the Android that can be used with a variety of things involving the movie in mind.

Playback options galore

People who use this application can choose to download the movie onto the device or stream it online. A user can then share different scenes in the movie to other people. This includes choosing different spots to send to others with ease. This can be used to give people the ability to talk about a variety of things in the movie including a number of notable and in many cases thought-provoking scenes.

More about the movie

The application can also allow users to go further into the plot of the movie. This includes giving people the ability to put the pieces of the story together to get their own conclusions. The ending has many meanings for many people. I won’t go into my idea but I know that it features a variety of different points involving the way how the film went.

Media features are included

There are a few points that relate to the media of Inception as well. A full art gallery is included in the app. This features details on the design of the dream world and other unique settings that were featured throughout the movie. This brings the user to take a closer look at how everything was made.

The soundtrack from composer Hans Zimmer is also included in the app. Users can play back individual songs in the soundtrack. There are even a few new songs that he composed that were not in the original movie but are included in the application. These are interesting works that can be enjoyed even by fans of classical music who simply want to get into something attractive and unique.

This is obviously something that is being targeted to the biggest fans of the movie. After all, it is something that simply plays the movie and offers all sorts of additional things that help to get the movie to come together. This application should make for something that can add to anyone’s enjoyment of the movie and may even be used to help get anyone to have an easier time with understanding just what is going on in the dream world and the real world.

Contest Questions:-

1)      The Inception Android application is based on what?

2)      What are the three main features of the application?


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