Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tile Takedown: There is No Addiction like Word Game Addiction

I enjoy a good word game. Crosswords and other games that involve words are always fun to play because they involve so many different challenges and thoughts. Of course, I do know more about words than other people.

This is why I have been playing Tile Takedown lately on my Android phone. This is a great program that features a unique format and offers one of the best challenges around.

How This Great Game Works

The point about Tile Takedown is that it works in a format that is very similar to what you’d find in Boggle. It involves a series of letters organised in a four by four box. You will need to create words by linking adjacent letters to one another. This will help you out with getting better scores.

The point of this game is to find the best words possible. This includes finding the longest words for the most points in a game. All details on the words that you have gotten will be listed on your screen as you get them down.

The goal is to show how well you know words. I’m not saying you could beat me but it is worth a shot.

Multiplayer Functions are Great

One thing that I like to do with this game is to play against others with it. This includes using a connection through the Internet to play others. A chat feature is also used to make it easy for anyone to communicate with another player while enjoying a good game. This is a very attractive feature that makes this application all the more fun.

It Has Been Updated

One great point about Tile Takedown is that it is a game that has been well updated. The current version of this game is version 1.2.3. This version has corrected many of the syncing problems that came with the game in the past. It also works with a better online connection without all of the interruptions and other problems that had plagued it in the past.

Of course, the big problem that comes with this game is that it can really take away a Good amount of time in the day. After all, this game is just as addictive as some other games that are commonly played by different people on Android devices. This makes for a truly fun game that is incredibly challenging and will be very difficult for anyone to put down when a player starts to get into this game.

Contest Questions:-

1)      Tile Takedown is  ________________   Application.

2)      Can we play Tile Takedown in Multi Player mode?


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Kim said...

1) Tile Takedown is Android Application.

2) Yes, we play Tile Takedown in Multi Player mode?

Gizmo-King said...

All comments would be moderated and published on Friday as mentioned in " Terms and Conditions " !!

deepika said...

2- yes we can play tile breakdown in multi player mode.

rulens said...

Question 1 answer : Tile Takedown is an Android Application
Question 2 answer: Yes, it can be played in multiplayer mode.

Aman said...

Ans#1: Tile Takedown is an Android Application.
Ans#2:Yes,it can be played in multi player mode.

oalmasri said...

1. It is an Android Application.
2. Yes, it can be played in a multi-player mode.

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