Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Best Android Phones in India for Different Income Brackets

There are all sorts of people around India who earn varying amounts of money. These people can all use a variety of different Android phones regardless of how much they earn. Here are three of the best Android phones that can work well for people in India of all income levels. These three phones are arranged in order from one that is for high end customers to those for low end earners.

The HTC Desire

The HTC Desire is an Android phone that features a 1 GHz processor and uses the Android 2.2 system. This works with the incredibly easy to handle HTC Sense interface as well.

This phone works with very low lag time and works with all kind of different applications in mind. It will not be too difficult to get this type of phone to work as well as possible.

This phone can be very impressive but it is also better off for high end users. It is worth Rs. 27,000.

The Motorola Defy

People in the middle end of the economic spectrum in India can use the Motorola Defy. This is a little lighter in power than the HTC Desire. The Defy has a processor of only 800 MHz. However, this processor is durable and works with all sorts of different applications that make it easy for anyone to work with.

This is a little cheaper than the Desire. The Motorola Defy can be found for Rs. 18,000 in most places.

The LG Optimus One

Not all people are able to afford these high value phones. Therefore, people who do not have too much money can afford to get an Android phone with the LG Optimus One. This is a more affordable phone that is only Rs. 11,500 to get.

The interesting thing about this phone is that it has nearly the same functionality and power as the other two phones that were listed here. This includes an easy to use control setup that is not too tough to work with. There are some buttons on the bottom part of the phone that are a little larger than what is found elsewhere but this is essentially the only real point that is not as strong as what can be found elsewhere.

These are all good Android phones that all sorts of people can afford to get in India. These phones work well for different budgets and should be considered by all kinds of people in the country.

Contest Questions:-

1)      What is the price of HTC Desire?

2)      What is the processing power of Motorola Defy?


deepika said...

1- 27,000
2- 800mhz

Kim said...

1) What is the price of HTC Desire?

Rs 27000

2) What is the processing power of Motorola Defy?

Gizmo-King said...

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Aman said...

Ans#1: 27,000

Ans#2: 800mhz

Aman said...

Ans#1: 27,000

Ans#2: 800mhz

Aman said...

Ans#1: 27,000

Ans#2: 800mhz