Monday, March 7, 2011

The tablet PC power-clash

It is well known that Apple is a huge name in tablets. In fact, I know of some people who are incredibly devoted to Apple products and refuse to cross over to something else. However, there is also the point of how Apple is being hit by a number of different operating systems that are looking to compete and take out Apple from its top spot perch.

These include such OS options as the Windows 7 and Android options. These are different from what Apple uses. I have noticed many differences between the options and I have a tough time with thinking of what the best one to use is. Still, this is a great point that needs to be seen when finding something that may be effective in the world of tablets and to see how the future of tablets could be changing right in front of our eyes.

What about the iPad 2?

It is well known that Apple is bringing out a brand new edition of the iPad. The iPad 2 will feature a great design that will handle more applications and can work faster than the original version of the iPad 2. This is a great type of device that may end up being useful for all kinds of needs.

However, there are some concerns over the ways how different tablets are coming out. In fact, some of these devices are being used as a means of trying to market the products to different kinds of functions that are easier for users to handle while the iPad 2 may be better for more professional people to work with.

Microsoft’s threat

Apple is still going directly after Microsoft. Apple is using programs on its new tablets that can decode Windows codes. This could cause Windows tablets to be put at risk. This might help Apple’s chances.

Other changes

Of course, the changes that Apple is using might impact its competitors. There are stories where Windows 8 might be a realistic potential in the future. This is an interesting point that might end up causing some changes to the way how Windows works. However, it is still a great point that should be seen when finding a great tablet from anyone.

The competition between Apple and others in the tablet world will be strong. It will be tough but still interesting to see as the newest line of tablets is going to come out.

Contest Questions:-

1)      What is Apple releasing in the future?

2)      What operating systems came after the iPad?


Sabu c Jacob said...

Sabu C. Jacob-Ans 1. iPad2
Ans 2. Android and Windows7

Anonymous said...

1. ipad2
2. Android, Windows7

linda thomas said...

Q2- Android and Windows7

Kim said...

2- Android and Windows7 :)