Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Protesters Demand that the Gay Cure App be Shut Down

I have never been able to understand why people talk about gay cures. I understand that there are people out there who are upset over homosexuals and may feel that it is morally wrong. However, the truth is that it is impossible to get anyone to try and correct one’s sexual orientation.

This is why there is so much controversy surrounding the Gay Cure application. This is an application for Apple devices that is dealing with a great amount of controversy. This is a big point that needs to be seen because it involves the legitimacy of how different applications can work for one’s needs. In fact, many people are looking to get the Gay Cure application removed from the items that Apple has to offer to users.

What is this about?

The Gay Cure app is one that suggests how people who are gay can be cured through religious teachings from the Bible. It was created by Exodus International, a group that claims that being gay is practically the same as a disease. They claim that God suggests that this is true. However, many gay rights groups have protested this opinion.

This app is used alongside the blog that Exodus uses. This is used to try and convert people who are gay.

Who is protesting?

The protest that comes from the app has been very large. More than a hundred thousand people are protesting the app and have gotten a petition set up asking Apple to get rid of this application. People are protesting this app and using this petition because they know that Apple has pulled out many apps over the years.

A controversial point

This is a big risk that involves the way how the world of applications is being handled. It is true that people are free to make whatever applications they want to no matter what they might mean. These are applications that are controversial and as a result will involve a great deal of concerns involving the way how people are going to create applications in the future.

It is not sure of how well the Gay Cure application is going to work. I feel that Apple could respond in either way when getting it handled. They could either end up pulling it or keeping it in spite of protests. This is still something that should make it so the debate towards gay cures is going to be kept up even in an online setting.

 Contest Questions:-

1.      What is the controversial app being targeted by protesters?
2.      Who does the app target?


Kim said...

1. What is the controversial app being targeted by protesters?

Gay Cure app’s

2. Who does the app target?

linda thomas said...

Q1-The Gay Cure application