Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Facebook Now More Interactive with the Added Tagging Feature for Comments

I like how Facebook allows for a great deal of interaction. However, Twitter has a better feature that involves tagging a number of users for individual tweets, thus making it easier for messages to Twitter to move around with ease. This is a useful feature but it is unique to Twitter. However, Facebook is changing things around by introducing comment tagging.

This is a feature that I am definitely interested in. This will allow me to tag several users by attaching their profiles or other messages to my posts. This is being used as a means of make exposure to my words easier to use.

Big features

The tagging will work to help allow people to read the messages that other users have posted on their pages or on other pages. This can be used to add to the interactivity of Facebook in that it allows people to easily link users to each other and add to the conversation on a Facebook posting.

Controlled comments

This is also used to help with controlling the ways how comments are being posted on a site. This includes making sure that information is being controlled by allowing people to post information properly without worrying about trolling and conflicts on pages. This may make any site look a little more attractive.

Add viewers to your page

I know for a fact that this should help me out with getting more people to visit my page. The fact that it is easier to be tagged makes it so my page and the pages of others can get a little more exposure, thus making it easier for more friends to be added to a page in a good period of time.

Also, tagging is used to help keep spam from being prominent. It works to circumvent anything that is listed as spam, thus making my posts more visible.

This is being used by Facebook as a means of helping to get more loyal users onto the site. This should help to make it a little easier for Facebook to be more valuable to individuals who want to get more exposure on the site. The new controls that are being used on Facebook are working as a means of ensuring that all people who are on Facebook can easily enjoy communicating with each other and promoting the posts that other people have to list, thus making all people work with a little more exposure on the site.

Contest Questions:-

1.      What is Facebook’s latest feature for comments?
2.      Can you tag people on Facebook status messages?


xmd5 said...

1. Tagging
2. yes

Kimberly said...

1. What is Facebook’s latest feature for comments?

Ans:- Tagging Galore

2. Can you tag people on Facebook status messages?

Ans:- Yes

linda thomas said...

Q1-Tagging is a feature that lets you attach links to the profiles of other users on Facebook status messages