Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are You an Android App Developer? Better Make One for Paypal

I know for a fact that PayPal is a very convenient option to use for payments. I have been using it all the time for getting payments handled from all sorts of clients that I work for. It is very easy to use and it doesn’t take any effort for me to move money from my account to my bank or check account depending on where I choose to send my money off to at a general time.

It only makes sense that people are using it to pay for its. I’ve used money in my PayPal account to pay for things like clothes, computer games and more.

Now PayPal is offering a competition for people to create an application for the Android that works with PayPal as well as possible. This is being used with a good cash prize in mind.

What the contest is about

This is a very good contest to take a look at. A person will have to make an application that is used to help with handling PayPal as well as possible. This includes using fewer steps to get into an account and manage money from it. This includes asking for money or sending money to people. In fact, this may encourage more developers to create applications because they can be paid through PayPal for them so they will know that they’ll be rewarded for it.

What prizes are involved?

The prizes in this contest are very substantial. A person can get $25,000 for the winning application. Second and third place prizes of $15,000 and $10,000 are also being offered. This is used as a means of encouraging more people to get into the contest.

Deadlines to see

There are a few deadlines involved with the contest. Applications for the contest can be submitted until May 14. The deadline for all final edits will be June 3. The last date for promoting the contest will be June 7. Finally, the winners of the contest will be announced on June 29.

This contest is definitely something that all people who are interested in developing applications should see. This could help to make the process of using PayPal a little easier to handle for all kinds of application users. PayPal is a useful program that can be easy to handle when it works carefully through the use of a variety of controls. The application that can be developed for it should be something that is careful and easy to handle just as well.

Contest Questions:-

1.      What promo is Paypal currently holding?
2.      How much will it pay the grand prize winner?


Kim said...

1. What promo is Paypal currently holding?

Ans. Android App.

2. How much will it pay the grand prize winner?

Ans. $25000

xmd5 said...

1. Offer to Android app developers to create a application that bears the best, fastest and most user friendly Paypal integration will receive the cash prize from the company

2. $25,000