Saturday, March 19, 2011

Steve Jobs Sends His Support to the Members of Apple Japan

Steve Jobs, the president of Apple, is offering a substantial amount of support to his Apple employees in Japan. These people have been severely impacted by the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in the country.

Jobs is offering his support by allowing people who work for him in Japan to head out and be with their families if needed. This is being used as a means of helping people to recover from this difficult concern.

Specifics of the act

Jobs had specifically posted a message to the Macotakara website as a means of supporting the people of Apple who are currently working in Japan. His message says that all people who work for him in the country can report to their HR department in the event that they have to be with their families during this difficult problem.

This is a good sign of support because it shows how Jobs is concerned about what is going on with his employees.

Other things for support

This is not the only thing that is being done to help with giving support to the people of Japan. Apple is helping by providing water to people impacted by the disasters in Japan. Apple is also offer free online connections to people who need to get in touch with one another. The company is also taking in donations that will be sent out to the Red Cross to help support the needs of people in the area.

iPad impact

There is one other news story to come out of Japan with regards to Apple. The recent disaster has caused the release of the iPad 2 in Japan to be delayed. This is due to the damages to factories in the area and to how they had to be closed down for a good period of time.

The release of the iPad 2 was delayed to March 25. This is a slight delay but it is very understandable when it comes to what has been going on in Japan. The concerns over the country and the people in the area are clearly important and should be taken seriously when it comes to keeping the people of the country safe.

I am certainly hoping that things can go for the best in Japan. The best thing that can be done at this point is to simply consider keeping control of everyone in the country to ensure that no one will be put at risk of being harmed in any way by these devastating events.

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