Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Pope Now Online on Facebook

I am amazed at how many religious figures that deal with churches and organizations that have been around for centuries have adopted social media and other forms of technology in recent time. It is being used to bring more people together for all sorts of needs.

One of the most notable points about social media and religion is that the Catholic Church has established a Facebook page for the pope. This is being used as a means of helping to give people details on all sorts of different things that are going on with the church.

What updates are there?

The updates that are coming out of the pope’s page on Facebook are very interesting. For example, the page is listing information on what is going on with the beatification process for Pope John Paul II, the pope who came before Benedict XVI. Information on the beatification on May 1 is being used to help inform people about this momentous event in the history of the faith.

Information on Benedict XVI and his visit to the United Kingdom has also been posted. This includes information on the events that he has gotten into.

Linking people together

The big point about the Facebook page is that it is working to bring people of the faith together. This is especially useful for those who are not able to make it out to Italy for the many big events that go on with the pope.

Other sites to see

Interestingly enough, the Facebook page is only the newest way how the pope and other figures in the church are looking to communicate with people. The church has been using as a place for people to go to for information regarding the church. This includes information that involves current events and plans in the church and the full history of the church. There is also a YouTube page for the church.

I feel that the Facebook page created by the church is one of the most useful things that the church has done with social media in mind. This is something that shows how the church is looking to get in touch with people in the faith and is doing so by communicating with them on all sorts of important religious matters. This is used to help ensure that all people who follow the church will be well aware of what is going on with it and what is planned on being handled in the near future.

Contest Questions:-

1.      Which social networking site is Pope John Paul II’s beautification being promoted?
2.      Apart from the Vatican’s website, which site carries the videos of the church’s special events?


xmd5 said...

1. Facebook

deepika said...

1- facebook
2- You Tube