Thursday, March 10, 2011

Facebook Goes for an Online Movie Rental Feature

Renting movies is an age-old tradition for every film enthusiast. Much cheaper than purchasing DVDs, movie buffs get their fair share of motion pictures whenever they go for a trip at a DVD rental. Facebook has caught on with this tradition. Now anyone who has an account with the social networking giant can conveniently rent out films online.

A Super Choice

Upon entering this new venture, Facebook decided to start off with a bang. No less than the critically acclaimed superhero movie The Dark Knight was the first film offered. Facebook users can rent out the film for a couple of days, which is enough time to savor all of the Joker’s exploits and Batman’s redefining of the term hero.

Renting The Dark Knight is marked at $3 or 30 FB credits. This initial venture, for now, is just a test whether a lot of users will go for the online rental feature.  If so, users can expect a ton of movies over the next several months, as Facebook has entered a tie up with Warner Brothers for this project. Its success could mean more tie ups with movie outfits, so there is a possibility that hard-to-find films could appear.

Pointing Out the Limitations

What might hinder the success of the Facebook’s online rental is resolution problems. There is no HD option offered as well as its inability to port the film over to HD devices. Much of the concern lies on the limited features and perhaps Facebook’s chosen interface. The Dark Knight is certainly a crowd drawer, but if Facebook can address the given limitations quickly, everyone might forgo the movie theater for the computer monitor.

Contest Questions:-

1.      What is Facebook’s latest venture?

2.      What’s the first movie featured?


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Sabu C.Jacob - Ans 1. Facebook's latest venture is rent out films online.
Ans 2. The Dark knight

xmd5 said...

1- Online Movie Rental
2- The Dark Knight