Monday, March 7, 2011

Steve Jobs Shocks the World by Revealing the iPad 2

A big speech was made by Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs in Stanford. I obviously know that Jobs is one of the biggest names in technology and that many of the things that he has to say are big deals. After all, they involve technology products that even I am looking forward to.

But this announcement was a huge story. This announcement in Stanford involved the release of the iPad 2.

A good time for tell

It is clear that Jobs choose a good time for making this announcement. There have been many tablets released that have laid claim to taking out the iPad. Several speculations about what the iPad 2 could do have also been discussed. This announcement of the iPad 2 by Jobs is something that ought to get every single competitor to Apple to take notice of just what is going on here.

A real surprise

In fact, this announcement comes as a real surprise considering Jobs’ health. He had announced a medical leave earlier this year, thus creating concerns about how Apple will be run in the future. He did not necessarily look very healthy at the start of the announcement either. Still, he came out here as a means of telling everyone that Apple is serious about this new product.

What he announced

The things that Steve Jobs announced during this event were very notable. First, Jobs mentioned that the iPad 2 will have a better and more powerful processor. Also, this will feature a series of cameras and can be linked to an HDTV set with a $39 connector that is sold separately. There is also a greater amount of data storage space.

The size is also a big feature. This is 8.8mm thick and is lighter in weight.

The price is the last feature to see. The iPad 2 was announced to be $499 to $899 in value. The value will depend on the model that is used.

I know for one that there will be plenty of people coming out to get the iPad 2 when it does officially come out. The big announcement that Jobs made about the device will certainly be a huge story because it involves the way how the device is going to be released and enjoyed by all sorts of people. Be sure to stay turned for additional details about the iPad 2 as they are being released. More specifics will certainly be brought out to the device.


Contest Questions:-

1.      What did Steve Jobs unveil?

2.      By unveiling Apple’s new device, Jobs took a break from what?


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1. Ipad2 medical leave

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Sabu C. Jacob - 1. iPad 2
2. Medical leave for health reasons.