Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The tablet from India

I am surprised as to how much tablets are costing in many places. Some of these tablets are costing at least three hundred or even five hundred dollars in many cases. However, there is a tablet in India that is being sold for a mere $30. This is a unique device that the Indian government is providing that might be attractive to students. This is an interesting thing that will involve a number of benefits and discounts that may be easy for anyone to find as long as one is a student at a proper school.

Basic features

The general features of this interesting tablet are things that might keep me from being interested but they are still reasonable when the $30 value is considered. The size of the tablet will be very large and can be as big as a standard laptop computer. The keyboard is also built-in, thus making it a little heavier in size. Fortunately, the screen does have touchscreen functions to make it easier to control.

The tablet will also have 2 GB of RAM and a port for USB connections. It also uses a 2-watt power drive to help give the item support for usage in areas with poor power outlets or resources.

Cost concerns

The $30 value is cheap but it will more than likely go up as the tablet is being transported from one place to another. The tablet will have to be transported through a series of shipments and might be very difficult for some clients to afford due to the added shipment costs.

Cost resolutions

Some plans are being used to help with making the cost of this tablet a little easier to work with. The tablet is being made with a series of plans to help ship them out to a variety of schools around India to help reduce costs. These include such schools as the Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science. Also, some government subsidies may help to cut down on the expenses to make sure that the tablets can be offered as close to their original $30 values as possible.

However, you will need to have a valid college ID in order to get any of these tablets. I know that this is obviously something that caters to students but it is still something that I am definitely taking notice in. After all, it’s not often that you get to see a tablet that is as cheap as this one being sold on the tablet market.

Contest Questions:-

  1. How much would a tablet device in India cost?
  2. How many RAM is in the tablet?


Qasim Sahi said...

awesome BRO very GOOD

Sabu c Jacob said...

Sabu C.Jacob-Ans 1. $30
2. 2GB RAM

linda thomas said...

Q1- 1355.55
Q2- 2GB

xmd5 said...

1. 30$
2. 2GB RAM