Friday, March 25, 2011

Flip through the Channels of Google TV with an iOS Device

Have you even had to deal with trying to control the television stuff that you watch on your Android? I’ve had to deal with many problems involving simply trying to get a control panel to work as well as possible but to no avail. This is where the Google TV remote comes in. This is an incredibly useful remote that makes it easier for me to get all sorts of different functions handled.

This is very useful because it involves a simple interface that makes it very easy for me to control the online television function on my Android.

This app is also free to handle. This is because it comes from Google, the company that designed the Android interface.

Great Functions for All Needs

One thing that I like about this application for the Android is that the Google TV remote works with several different kinds of controls and functions in mind. The Google TV remote can use a series of menus and controls to make it easy to adjust the television signals.

The channel selection is also very strong. This includes a variety of channels from different places, thus giving you plenty of access to all of your needs for getting television handled properly.

What Buttons Work Here?

There are several useful buttons that are found on this remote. The Google TV remote features buttons that allow you to change the input on your TV and can control the menu functions to allow you to find things with ease.

Additional buttons are used to get you to go from one channel to another without too much effort. This makes the phone easier to use with regards to changing channels on a remote.

There is also the ability to use the Google TV remote to handle forward and rewind features. This is similar to what you’d find on a traditional DVR box.

Volume control functions are also used here. These functions work to control how well the sound can come from the TV. This works well if you are using earphones to listen to the items on it.

I greatly enjoy this application because it provides me with the ability to watch television on my Android and control it to my liking. This works to make the process of getting television on a phone a little easier to handle without anything being overly technical or difficult to handle. It makes for a very useful item to handle when using an Android phone for TV needs.

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Zachary said...

This is a fun app to have if you have Google TV. I downloaded it just to play a prank on my room mate but know I use this app more than the remote. If you don't have a Google TV, I would suggest getting one. It is great being able to watch my TV and surf the internet all on the same screen. I work at DISH Network and you can actually purchase the Logitech Revue from DISH for $179, that saves you $120 bucks.