Thursday, March 10, 2011

Android 2.4: Too fast to tech?

The Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system is already a popular option among many tablets. I have enjoyed using this great operating system on tablets and I have enjoyed how it is flexible and capable of working quickly without too many problems. However, there are some concerns about how a new operating system is already being prepared. Android 2.4, or IceCream as it may be called, is a notable system that sounds interesting but might be a little too much in today’s crowded OS market.

Why 2.4?

The Android 2.4 operating system is one that was introduced on the Sony Xperia Arcs at the CES. This OS was used on the device as a prototype of what could potentially work on other tablets. It may sound redundant to where the device might not be necessary for all people during the Android 3.0 area. However, it may help to find out just what the Android 2.4 OS can do.

A big point about Android 2.4 is that it uses a faster design that is similar to what was used in the Android 2.3 but offers support for better processors and faster functions to keep lagging problems down. This is a great feature that makes this tablet OS effective.

Video chat is big

One great part of Android 2.4 is its video chat feature. I enjoy using tablets for video chat and I feel that the video chat on Android 2.4 will be something right up my alley. It is not certain as to whether or not gTalk services are going to be used in this new setup but this is still a great feature of Android 2.4.

Call noises are controlled

Call noise reduction is also featured in Android 2.4. This is used to help with making the phone calls that a tablet can handle a little easier to read and support. This can even work with the video chat feature in mind to help with making it a little easier for the Android to work carefully and as well as possible to where there will not be any problems with getting this system to work as well as possible.

I am definitely interested in what Android 2.4 can bring. However, it is still not clear as to whether or not this is going to be open to all people. It will be great to see how this might work and whether or not the functions that Android 2.4 can work with are going to be as effective as they could be.

  Contest Questions:-
  1. What is also expected to be known as Honeycomb? 
  2. What are the delays involved with the Android 2.4 system?


Kim said...

1. What is also expected to be known as Honeycomb?

Ans. Android 3.0

2. What are the delays involved with the Android 2.4 system?
Ans Gingerbread

xmd5 said...

1. Android 3.0
2. nil while switching between the apps