Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Earthquake Brings Tokyo to Its Knees

The recent events in Japan are very serious. A massive earthquake and a large tsunami have occurred in the area. This is a serious problem that has created a great risk from the damages to the area.

The details on the damages

The damages that occurred in the events in Japan are very serious and worrisome. An earthquake on the eastern shore of the tsunami was a great problem in that it was an 8.9 earthquake. This is around the top of the Richter scale. It was very dangerous and caused damages to a large amount of buildings in Japan. This includes a variety of office buildings and buildings that dealt with a series of different utilities for all kinds of needs.

Technology was used to warn people but the truth is that there is not much of a time to warn people when dealing with these concerns. This is a serious risk that is common with all kinds of disasters.

A tsunami also occurred in the area. This caused a large tidal wave that destroyed many other buildings and items that had not been harmed during the original event.

Technology was impacted

The impact that occurred with technology in mind was great to consider. Telephone networks were fully operational. However, many of these lines were clogged up due to all of the people who tried to get in touch with other people during the problems in the area.

Also, online and mobile phone services were shut off during the time. This was done due to the damages that were caused to many utility providers in the area.

What concerns can come

There are many concerns that could come out of this event. These include things like aftershocks and other damages to different countries from waves and even any potential damages to nuclear plants in the area. Of course, today’s technology has made it easier for different items to be reviewed and monitored to where they will be kept under control. It is still important to be fully aware of what is going on in the country due to the risks that can come from the damages to Japan and the fears coming out of damages.

The only thing that people can do at this point is to be vigilant and aware of what is going on in the area. This is needed to help with ensuring that all people are going to be controlled and covered to where they will feel secure and less likely to be hurt by disasters in the future.

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We all should pray for Japan. :)