Monday, March 21, 2011

Spam Network Raided by Government Agents and Microsoft

The Rustock botnet spam group has been officially stopped by a full raid that was controlled by Microsoft and a series of government agents. This may end up being one of the biggest benefits in the development of getting spam problems controlled because of the great benefit that comes from getting different spam problems covered.

How it started

The raid on Rustock botnet was created by a lawsuit that Microsoft had filed. The lawsuit was caused as a result of Microsoft’s computer network being flooded with spam. The security system that the company uses was reviewed and controlled to where the spam could easily go through it.

In fact, some of the malware that was created in the spam included items that were supposedly supported by Microsoft. This was a big problem for the company.

What happened next

A raid was held with regards to getting items removed from the spammer. Some of the items that were removed in the raid included a series of hard drives, computers and other equipment that is related to the process of controlling what goes on with a computer. This was used as a means of helping to keep the spam producer from being able to keep on working to where it could handle different functions that relate to spam.

What does this mean?

The effects of this successful raid are very substantial. Rustock has been known for being one of the world’s top producers of spam. Therefore, this should help to keep spam from being prominent. This is a great point that needs to be seen when finding something that can work to help keep people safe when online.

Of course, this does not mean that people are going to avoid spam altogether. There are still many smaller spam groups around there. However, it is clear that a spam group that still operates will need to take this seriously. It shows that any spam group can be caught and that it may not be the best thing in the world to go around and spam people.

It is important to see this development for what it is. The demise of Rustock is a great thing because it will help to keep people from dealing with as much spam as what they used to get. This does not mean that people are going to be able to keep from dealing with spam but it is still something that may help to keep spam from being as prominent as it could be.

Contest Questions:-

1.      Which network was raided by Microsoft and government agents?
2.      Which outfit is the world’s biggest producer of spam emails?


xmd5 said...

1. Rustock botnet
2. Rustock

Kim said...

1. Which network was raided by Microsoft and government agents?
Ans. Rustock botnet

2. Which outfit is the world’s biggest producer of spam emails?

ans. Rustock

linda thomas said...

Q1-Rustock bot net