Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is there a Need to Upgrade to an iPad 2?

I have been using the Apple iPad for a while and have been very satisfied by the performance of this tablet. However, I have been taking a good look at the iPad 2 as more information has come out on this product. The details that are coming out with this product are very interesting and attractive. However, there is still a good debate over whether or not it may be necessary to actually go ahead and upgrade to this newer device.

I have been dealing with a big quandary over whether or not it is a good idea to make the switch. However, it may be a little easier to think about when a few important points are used when reviewing the ways how the iPad 2 can work.

Big changes

Some of the changes that have been made to the iPad 2 are very noticeable. The size of the iPad 2 is slimmer and easier to handle than what was used on the older edition of the product. This should make for something that is relatively interesting and useful.

The speed of the device is also easier to handle. The device can even use high-definition video support. The fact that the iPad 2 uses a ten hour battery is also a big point. These are clearly being points that show how the iPad 2 has made some positive changes.

A few problems

Of course, there are some problems with the iPad 2. The screen and its resolution are essentially the same as what was used in the original iPad, thus meaning that the aesthetics of these points will be the same. Also, there are no SD ports anywhere in the device. This might make it a little harder for some people to use.

Should you upgrade?

You may want to take a few points into consideration when choosing to upgrade to the iPad 2. You may want to upgrade to this if you take videos or images with the device and want to use it to handle multimedia streams as effectively as possible. Meanwhile, you may want to stick with your current iPad if you have no need for these points.

It will help for you to think about these things when deciding on upgrading your iPad 2. I have been thinking about these points myself and have yet to make a choice but I will definitely feel better about it once I am done with doing so.

Contest Questions:-

1.      Is the iPad 2 a lot faster than the iPad?
2.      Who are the users that the iPad 2 will attract?


xmd5 said...

1. yes
2. People who would use it for capturing images, making videos or to stream files.

linda thomas said...