Friday, March 18, 2011

Samsung Must Cook Up Something Special for the New Android-Powered, Wi-Fi-Only Galaxy

It is completely understandable that people may not be able to afford some tablets with 3G signal capabilities. I enjoy 3G signals myself but I am aware that the expense of this support can be tough to deal with. This is why I like what Samsung is doing with customers who can’t afford 3G.

Samsung is releasing an edition of its Galaxy tablet that works only with the Wi-Fi connection. The Galaxy Wi-Fi tablet is a great device that is coming to stores on April 14 and will be available for an affordable price of $399.

Wi-Fi support is great

The Galaxy Wi-Fi is able to work with Wi-Fi signals in any places that these signals can be found in. This is great because more people and businesses have been adding Wi-Fi support to their items and are doing so as quickly as possible to make these items more attractive and useful to all kinds of people.

Other big features

The additional features that work with the Galaxy Wi-Fi are also great to see. This works with a large screen that can be either 8.9 or 10 inches depending on the type of tablet that is being used. Also, the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system is being used on the Galaxy Wi-Fi. This is the newest edition of the tablet and will be easy for anyone to operate as effectively as possible.

Anything unique?

Of course, there is one big problem with the Galaxy Wi-Fi. It does not necessarily do anything other than simply make the tablet a little more affordable for anyone to get. This is a big point to review because it means that the tablet is not going to necessarily be a real world-beater in the field of tablets. This is still an interesting tablet that needs to be seen when finding something effective for one’s computing needs.

There are a few things that I think Samsung could do to make the Galaxy Wi-Fi something that can compete with the iPad 2. I feel that it could use high resolution cameras and SD card support to make it stand out. I think that it could also support HD signals to help make it unique as well. These are things that might make the Galaxy Wi-Fi only tablet something more effective for all users to handle.

The Samsung Galaxy Wi-Fi is a great affordable option that makes it easier for people to get into the world of tablets. This tablet features a variety of great functions and features that make it unique. However, these points can also be improved upon.

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