Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stupid Zombies: Why Stopping the Zombie Apocalypse can be so Addictive?

It’s no secure that Angry Birds is a very popular game. I have been playing this game for a while and have been trying as hard as possible to master it. Fortunately, there’s another game that has been appealing to me just as well.

This game is Stupid Zombies. It is an exciting Android application that uses a control system that is similar to Angry Birds and has a similar goal. This is to get rid of the enemies that are in the way by using as little of a number of attempts to pull it off as possible.

I’ve been enjoying this game quite a bit recently. It won’t be surprising when this game hits it big just like with Angry Birds.

How Does the Game Play?

The goal of playing this game is simple. You’ll have to shoot all of the zombies in a level before going to the next one. The zombies can be found around a map so you’ll need to think about the angles that you use for shooting them.

The goal is to get all zombies taken out in as few steps as possible. You’ll get a better score if you take them out without using too many bullets.

Of course, you’ll get to unlock more levels if you do better on them. This will add to the excitement of the game. The big point about this is that there are several levels to choose from. You can play in up to 240 different levels in this fun game. Therefore, you can spend a good deal of time working to get these zombies taken care of.

What Makes This Game So Great?

There are many features of Stupid Zombies that should be noticed. First, the game runs very well on the Android operating system. It is true that it does not necessarily have the greatest appearance of any type of application. However, it is still something that is easy to enjoy and have fun with.

There are also the great designs of the levels. The fact that this game features hundreds of levels makes this something that can be challenging for a while.

There is also the point about how Stupid Zombies is completely free to get. I enjoy this feature the most because it allows me to have plenty of fun without having to pay a dime for it. This makes an already enjoyable game all the more fun for anyone to play and to have fun with.

Contest Questions:-

1.      What’s the game that is quite similar to Stupid Zombies?
2.      How many levels does the game have?


xmd5 said...

1. Angry Birds
2. 240

linda thomas said...

Q2- 240 LEVELS