Tuesday, March 8, 2011

France Reels after the French Finance Ministry gets Hacked

I always want to believe that our governments are secure and that they can use technology without the fear of anything getting in the way and keeping functions in the government from working properly. This cannot be said for the way how France’s Finance Ministry is working. A great of hackers has worked to break into the Finance Ministry. This was done as a means of trying to get into information that should not be seen by the public and can involve many international ramifications.

What was targeted?

The information that the hackers targeted involving information that related to the G20. This is a meeting of finance ministers from a variety of different countries from around the world. This information involved details on the points that the G20 session was going to deal with and cover.

The information was also going to involve details that relate to the finances and policies of France. This could have been used to compromise the efforts that France has been using with its controls in mind.

Who was doing it?

The group that was trying to get the information from France is not clear. However, the information on what the group has been trying to get into has been identified by the Budget Minister of France without exposing any additional pieces of information. This is needed to help keep France operational.

These attackers have been identified to get into at least a hundred computers run by the Finance Ministry. The attacks from the past were stopped by security forces but the newest attack involved a very different procedure.

What went on

The new process that was used to try and stop the computers involved the work of a series of professionals. This is presumed to be the case because of the great deal of pressure that was caused by the operators of the attack effort.

France is going to take this opportunity to work towards improving its computer security systems even more. This is being done as a means of helping to keep any future problems from occurring. This is a critical point that needs to be seen because of the risk that could have been caused as a result of the damages to the area.

I feel that this is something that all countries should learn from because of the dangers that are prominent from the hackers that can get into computers. All countries need to be aware of what hackers could do.

Contest Questions:-

  1.     Who illegally infiltrated the French Finance Ministry? 
  2.     What were the intruders after?


Sabu c Jacob said...

Sabu C. Jacob- Answer1. Hackers
Answer 2. The intruders
illegally accessed more than a hundred computers from the French Finance Ministry, which is related to the documents of G-20 files.

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2. sensitive information regarding the Group of 20 (G20)