Sunday, March 20, 2011

Android Now the Number One Mobile Phone Platform in the US

I admit to being reluctant to getting an Apple iOS device or a Blackberry. I just have concerns about how versatile those devices are. I’ve preferred the Android system because it’s easier to run and is not too rough to handle. Fortunately, it seems that people all around the country are agreeing with me.

This is because the Android mobile platform has become the most platform option in the United States. This phone format has become very popular because it is one that is easy to handle and features a variety of different useful kinds of applications. These features and many more have can make the Android an incredibly popular choice when it comes to getting a phone ready.

The Sales Don’t Lie

Reports have found that the sales for the Android system have become very popular. These reports suggest that the Android has been getting more sales thanks to part to the variety of different Android devices for people to handle among many other benefits.

Why Is It Big?

Some of the reasons why the Android is selling so well are the same reasons why I’ve been using the Android. First, the Android platform is incredibly easy to move around. It is easier to use than other options.

Second, there is the fact that it is easy to get applications loaded up as quickly as possible. This includes downloading them online. This is a feature that can’t be found on other devices.

Also, the Android platform does not have the same restrictions that the Apple platform has. Therefore, it is easier to get different applications loaded without any risks of not getting enough support.

How Long Can It Last?

It is not clear as to how long the Android can work for with regards to a powerful type of system. However, the Android is still gaining in power in recent time. It is estimated that other competitors may have to make some huge moves to try and get ahead in the world of mobile applications. It is not certain with regards to what will be happening in the near future though. Therefore, the chances of the Android moving up in popularity over time should end up being very strong.

I’m not very surprised over these features because these are great things that involve different kinds of functions. It will be easy for anyone to see what the Android can do because it is something that is much more open to different functions and is easier to handle than some other items.

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